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Essential Equipment for CrossFit

The most important equipment for CrossFit you can buy is a good set of bumper plates and a barbell. These pieces of equipment are used in almost every CrossFit workout and a high-quality barbell will last you a lifetime. Even if you quit CrossFit you can always use a good barbell. Once you have a good barbell and bumper plates, you can add gear for CrossFit like a kettlebell, gymnastic rings, a pull-up bar, and a jump rope. All of this equipment should run you less than $1000. If you have the budget for it, a good power rack is another nice addition to any garage gym.

Considerations When Purchasing Equipment for CrossFit

There are a few important things you should look for when purchasing CrossFit equipment. By far the most important thing is the overall quality and durability of the equipment. Many cheaper quality barbells can bend after being dropped, bumper plates can crack, and other equipment failures can occur. High-quality CrossFit gear can last you a lifetime and also have a much higher resale value than cheap equipment.

The other consideration is balancing cost versus quality. Many basic pieces of equipment don’t have very much different between them and there’s no point in paying extra money without getting better quality. For instance, many jump ropes are very similar, and at the end of the day they’re just ropes with handles.

CrossFit Explained

CrossFit is a program that seeks to develop overall physical fitness. the idea is to create the ultimate athlete that has no physical weaknesses. Strength, stamina, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning are all part of CrossFit.

CrossFit is designed to be scalable, which means that anyone can do to program no matter what kind of condition they’re in. In an average CrossFit class, you’ll find people of all shapes and ages doing the same workout. The only thing that changes from person to person is the load and intensity.

The CrossFit website has daily workouts and people post their times to compare to each other. The community atmosphere CrossFit is one of the many things that sets it apart from many other workout programs and is a key to its popularity. If you’ve never done a CrossFit workout before, prepared to be smoked after you’re done!

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